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Credit Card Scams

Be ware of Credit Card SCAMS, as they are everywhere on the Internet these days. There are several types of these Credit Card SCAMS that are obvious, but then there are the ones that aren't (which are the ones I hate the most).

If a card says you can have high credit (anything over $300) with NO credit check and NO employment and NO deposit, then you should know it is a SCAM of some sort. Lets face it, NO one is going to give anyone credit now days with NO credit check and NO deposit. You can't even get a store credit card without passing a credit check.

Most of the credit offers do a quick search of your credit score and depending on what they have set as a minimum, determines if you get their credit or not. Then what the total score is, determines how much credit you get.

Now the ones I really hate and think something should be done about are the ones that don't tell you (unless you go and find it in the Terms) that they are going to charge you an activation fee, an application fee, a monthly fee, and sometimes an additional yearly fee. All this can add up to 100's of dollars if you aren't careful.

So, please be sure and ALWAYS read the "Terms and Conditions" of any offer before putting your name and social security number on the form. Sometimes people just need some sorta credit to get their credit turned around and maybe once in awhile it is worth it, but I just don't see paying 100's of dollars if you are already having problems paying your bills.


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