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Internet Dating Scams

There are many individuals looking for love over distance with the use of online dating services. There are many dating services and most are very reputable. In this case it is not the dating service to worry about it is the individuals using the service. Most people are truly looking for a mate and someone to share their life with. There are however a few scams that you should be aware of and keep in mind when looking for that Russian dating experience. There is a particular scam that is prevalent and taking advantage of many lonely people with good hearts. Here is the manner by which the Russian dating scam takes place.

First, an email will come with your name and personal information about a young lady or man from Russia. They write their emails in Russian dialect and give specific details such as the city and how far they are to other cities in Russia. As with other dating scams it is clear to see that the Russian dating scam are not much different. After weeks of emailing back and forth the day finally arrives that you will be asked for money. There are typically two ways by which the scam works; the first is when the Russian individual asks for the money to travel to your home. The second is when they desperately need a telephone bill paid in order to continue emailing you. Either way the Russian dating scam can drain your bank account and break your heart all at the same time.

The individuals that are participating in the Russian dating scam in most cases do not live anywhere near Russia. Many are not the correct sex in which they portray themselves either. Do not be fooled by pictures that they send photos are very easy to obtain through the Internet or library. With the Internet providing so much information they can obtain distance, maps and city names to make it look like they are familiar with the area. Beware of this Russian dating scam, it is a no-win situation.

On to a lighter note there are many Russian women and men looking for love on several Russian dating sites. These individuals are no different than you and long for a relationship that will fulfill their emotional needs. Do not be discouraged or avoid Russian dating because of the scam that is out there. There will always be scams or unscrupulous people that try to ruin a good thing for the rest of us. Russian lovers are great lovers and make wonderful partners. The cultural background of most Russians is great and something that is exciting making for a promising future and relationship. So go ahead look into Russian dating and enjoy your newfound love. Many of the Russian women that you will encounter while looking for a Russian date are looking for a serious relationship. They are not looking for a part-time or fleeting relationship. This is one of the major benefits of dating a Russian, they are serious about their love life and typically make great partners.

As stated above visit sites and continue to look for a Russian date to pursue your happiness. The purpose of this article is to not scare you off from Russian dating it is to help you stay informed and protect yourself from those that are not looking for love.


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