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Nigeria Internet fraud

An overview on Nigeria and its Scam Operations

With approximately 2 billion people now accessing the Internet, it's no wonder that online scams and fraud are affecting more innocent people. Even as the word gets out about relationship fraud, 419 fraud, dating scams, advance fee and other types of fraud practices via the Internet, the number of victims has risen substantially. One of the countries leading the increase in scams, along with S. Africa, Ghana, Philippines, and Russia, is Nigeria.

Nigerian criminals range from beginners to professional scammers. On the professional level, scams can be so convincing that it is truly difficult to differentiate the truth from fraud. In many cases, it is impossible for the average person outside of Nigeria. While many Nigerian relationships established online are fraudulent, such as misrepresentation, or as advance fee scams, it would be wrong to say that all Nigerians or foreigners working in Nigeria are conducting fraud. Many good citizens and foreigners in Nigeria are honest. With the overwhelming level of fraud via the Internet, the question is how tell the difference.

Some guidelines to avoid being a victim:

1. Be skeptical from the beginning with anyone in Nigeria.

2. Don't send money to any person whom you've never met.

3. Be skeptical of any claims of inheritance, or other reward.

4. Verify claims of emergencies with a background check firm.

5. Know money sent via Western Union is likely lost if fraud.

Lastly, if you've been in a relationship with someone working or living in Nigeria, and you're aware of all the warning signs and the problems with fraud in that country, and you're still not sure, or if you are considering sending money, get a background check. The cost can be a small price to pay to prevent fraud and find out the truth. Wymoo International, based in the U.S. with an office in Lagos, specializes in verifying relationships in Nigeria.

Proceed with caution,

A. Hathaway

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